Strategic Partners

Cloud Portal Office is an award-winning document storage and sharing service that provides a convenient way for you to seamlessly connect to your business content and easily share and collaborate with team members. Coupled with Picasso’s, award winning SHARP product line, this feature can be embedded directly on to your home screen of your copier display.



Equitrasolutions provide print management and cost recovery software that enable organizations to effectively manage their printing environments, reduce costs, increase document security and promote sustainability.


Fmaudit – When it comes to selecting a partner for your critical remote meter collection and supply and service notifications, along with other print management initiatives, you need a company that understands more than software—you need a partner that understands your business.

print audit

Print Audit is the most comprehensive provider of device and print management solutions. The company not only helps members remotely manage their printer fleets, but has also developed a variety of tools that enable organizations to monitor and control user printing behavior.


Webiplex DocuPeakTM is a Smart Process Applications (SPA) cloud providing integrated document management, general case management with workflow, and business process automation. Prebuilt apps can be added to your portal, integrated to your ERP, and customized to meet your unique business requirements

follow me

FollowMe from Ringdale is the complete document output management solution, which provides unrivalled flexibility for organizations looking to reduce costs, increase security and improve the efficiency of their printing environments.

 paper cut

PaperCut’s print management delivers real bottom-line savings for organizations of all sizes. Our software is scalable and customizable to your specific business needs. Implementation ranges from silently tracking employee usage by individual, office or department, to explicit reporting of usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts.


With SimplifyScan all your documents can be digitalized and archived fast & easy as searchable files. SimplifyScan makes it possible to scan from Sharp multifunctional in a fast and efficient way.  This means that scanned documents can be integrated into your business process directly from the MFP.


OCM Print Management Solutions specializes in the tracking of printer usage. OCM has continued to develop its product portfolio from print auditing, to a full suite of business solutions; offering bespoke end to end print and copy cost management solutions presenting manufacturers, service integrators (SI’s)  and/or end users a turnkey solution, offering increased efficiencies, increased productivity, user authentication, rules based print management, copy management and fleet management turning cost centers into profit centers.


MaxxVault provides electronic document management systems (EDMS) to small, medium and large companies in many vertical industries. MaxxVault is scalable as needed: from a narrow feature set in a single department to a full-blown, enterprise-wide installation.


Nuance is focused on developing the most human, natural, intuitive ways to use your voice to take command of information. Our people and our technology have pioneered the highest functioning speech software in the world, perfecting the ability for machines to recognize and emulate the human voice. We design and deliver technologies that intuitively link man, machine and the global storehouse of knowledge to help companies and consumers work seamlessly and intelligently with the world.